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CSTC Policy for Backcountry Cabin Use

The Cariboo Ski Club cabins are for the use of club members.  At least one person in a group must be a current member and guests of members are asked to donate 10$ per person per night.  The Cariboo Ski Touring Club welcomes new members.  See the CSTC website ( for membership information and registration.

The cabins are located a considerable distance into the mountains and it is recommended that users have experience with winter wilderness travel and it is strongly recommended that users have avalanche training, and carry avalanche and survival gear.

It can be very difficult to locate the cabins without having been there at least once before, particularly after dark or when it is snowing.  There are no published maps of the trails, locations or surrounding terrain. This activity is not considered suitable for first time unguided users.

All cabins can be accessed by snowshoes, AT (Alpine Touring) or telemark skis.  XC skis (for track or skate style skiing) are not suitable.

Cabin users MUST arrange to check in with someone in the event they do not return on time.

Cell phones do NOT work at the cabins.

The cabins are well equipped and stocked with firewood, cook stoves, utensils, and foam sleeping pads. Users are required to bring any consumable items e.g. toilet paper, naphtha, dish soap, candles.  The Mt. Murray & Cariboo Mt. cabins have propane stoves with propane supplied.

Users must:

  • Bring your own sleeping bags and food.
  • Leave the cabin in good condition for the next party e.g. kindling split, firewood brought in from below or outside, snow melting pots emptied, floor swept, trash packed out, etc.
  • Not leave anything which will be ruined by freezing.  Food items need to be in rodent-proof (metal) containers.
  • Make certain that the door is latched securely upon departure.

Overnight use requires a reservation, made through the contact person listed on the club website. Once reserved, the cabin is for the user’s exclusive overnight use, however, day use parties must be accommodated for lunch breaks, warm ups etc.  Please use the logbook to list the visitors and to mention general conditions of the trail, the ski areas and the facilities.  Please report any problems and deficiencies to the club contact person.


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