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Trail Maps for the Quesnel Area

Hallis Lake TrailsThe Hallis Lake ski trails have been developed and are maintained by the Cariboo Ski Touring Club.  These extensive and well maintained multi-use trails are located in a snowbelt, east of Quesnel and offer high quality nordic skiing and include a 3.5 km lighted trail.  The club grooms the trails with a Pisten Bully PB100 and two Bombardier Alpine twin track skidoos.  In the summer and fall, Hallis Lake is a great place for family hiking, biking, or walking.  Ski all trails in a clockwise direction.

Guided Ski Tours

Anyone interested in skiing with a group or learning more trails is welcome to join guided ski tours every Wednesday night meeting at the lodge at 7:00 p.m. for approximately a one-hour ski (trail dependent).  There will be a guide and a sweep so any skill level or ski speed is appropriate.  This is an opportunity to start a regular ski routine, join other skiers, or try new trails for a night ski.  Trails will vary from week to week and so will the guides and sweeps!  If you are interested in becoming a ski guide or sweep, please call Sunshine at 747-0777.  Ski tours will begin December 28th and will continue into March.  A headlamp is mandatory for all night skiing so please bring one to join the group.

The following group of map files are georeferenced so can be used with a PDF map reader such as Avenza or others to track you on your ski/snowshoe trip and let you know if you stray. The app is free and can be downloaded from your phone's app store (available for iPhone and Android). Once the app is running on your phone you can download and install the below files to your phone, then you basically can’t get lost (if you can read a map and see a blue dot). Links to open instructions for both Android and iPhone are below the links for the maps.

Hallis Lake North West Trail Network Map

Hallis Lake South East Trail Network Map

Hallis Lake Kiosk Trail Map

Setup instructions for iPhone/iPad

Setup instructions for Android phones

The following group of map files are good for printing or viewing.

Hallis Lake Lit Trail and Gerry's Choice Trail Map

Hallis Lake 6.6 Km Dog Loop Map

Hallis Lake 2.5 Km Loop Map

Hallis Lake 3.5 Km Loop Map

Hallis Lake 5 Km Loop Map

Hallis Lake 7.5 Km Loop Map

Hallis Lake 10 Km Loop Map

Hallis Lake 15 Km Loop Map

Lighted Trails
Lit trails

 Summit Snowshow Trail (Hallis Lake)
Snowshoe Trail

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